Safety system kitesurfing 

When you learn kitesurfing, the first thing you will go through will be the safety systems of your kite. Since 2007, all kite have3 safety systems. You have to make sure every time you ride with a new kite; you tried the different safety system as they may change between different brands. If you by a kite, make sure you have the latest safety equipment on it.

  1. Let go off the bar

In most of the situation, let go off your bar will be enough to be safe. That is always the first thing to do. If you let go off the bar, the kite will fall into the water, and will loose 90% of its power.

  1. Open the quick release (release the chicken loop)

Once you let go off the bar, if the kite is still pulling you, and you feel in danger, you can release the chicken loop. In this case, you will be connected to you kite only with the safety line, and the kite loose 100% of its power.

  1. Open the safety leash

The last safety system is to open the safety leash. Once you let go off the bar, then quick release, you might want to be totally disconnected to your kite. It will be the case if the kite fall on a road, or in a tree.

2-Self rescue kitesurfing

The self-rescue is the technic that must be done, at least a couple of time before you go kiting by your own. This is the only way to recovers safely in case the wind dies and you want to be able to reach the beach. You will use the self-rescue if you have dangerous situations, or even if you want to land by yourself.

During your 5hours course at SoulKite, you will perform at least 1 self-rescue with a qualified instructor. The best is to do it in shallow water to understand, and then to do the exercise in deep water.

Here the steps to perform a self rescue:

  • Let go off your bar, and wait for your kite to fall into the water
  • Release the chicken loop of your bar. You will be connected to your kite only with the safety line and your leash. The kite will be on the water, leading edge facing to you, with no power.
  • Pull on the safety line until you reach your bar. Then quickly wrap the safety line around your bar. Do not hold only the bar, as the kite may take off.
  • Once the safety line is wrapped around the bar, you can wrap your lines around your bar (the same way as you were packing your kite equipment, figure of 8) until you can reach your kite.
  • Once you reach your kite, disconnect your leash and connect it to your kite leading edge. You have now free hands to turn your kite around, secure your bar and board, take of your harness and use the kite as a sail/boat to come back to the shore.

3-Safety equipment kitesurfing

You have finished your lessons and you want to go to practice kitesurfing on the best spots of Western Australia. Please make sure you have:

Kitesurfing knife, which will help you to cut lines it they are wrapped around you. Your harness should have a spot to carry a kite knife at all time.

Kitesurfing helmet, which will protect your head in case of impact on the beach, or on the water with your board or another kite surfer

Kitesurfing floatation vest, which will protect your body in case of impact on the beach, or on the water with your board or another kite surfer

Kite leash, which comes with your bar. Make sure you connect your leash in front of you when you start practicing by yourself. If you connect it to your back, you might get in trouble to reach it. 

If you have any questions on how to fly your kite in the wind window, feel free to contact us anytime or by email

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