F-One BANDIT 12 2019

  • The fantastic riding range of the new BANDIT means that you’ll enjoy every session, no matter the wind variations.


    Every year we ask ourselves this question, and each year there follows another question, what are we looking for?

    Our primary focus is to develop the wind range, the lateral pull of the kite, the feedback and feeling at the bar and the maneuvrability.

     After eleven years of constant enrichment, we focused on specific areas to channel our efforts and achieve our goals with the twelfth edition of the BANDIT.


    This has always been a key are for the BANDIT, a wider wind range means you can enjoy longer sessions in more varied conditions. Just because a kite works across a wide range though doesn’t mean it is good. Enhancing the effective “Riding Range” was the goal for the designers and testers; this is the range of wind in which you can perform all your tricks. You’ll find the BANDIT allows you to ride at your best regardless of the conditions.


    There is a special link between the rider, wind and the water. Your connection to the kite is crucial, it is how you feel the power from the wind, and it provides the control as well. The feelings we get when we are kiting are always different, the wind is constantly changing and so too is the water we ride on. With predictable and consistent power delivery and incredible bar feedback, the new BANDIT ensures every session is a good session. There will be no more complaints about gusty winds or struggling for control when overpowered.


    At F-ONE we believe that we’re happier when we are riding smaller kites. 7-9 m2 kites are always the most fun to fly, as they are so reactive. This year the handling on the new BANDIT has been further improved so that every kite feels smaller in the sky. You’ll find the 12 m2 flies like a 9 m2 and that feeling is priceless.


    Many kiters don’t fully appreciate the importance of lateral pull in their kites. When we ride, we are always fighting the forces from the kite by edging the board to create forward motion. For many years we have been working to reduce the lateral pull felt by the rider, this means you can enjoy longer, more comfortable sessions with less effort. The new BANDIT offers the perfect balance between power and lateral pull, with fantastic low end and incredible comfort in the middle and at the top of the wind range. Edging has never been so easy, your jumps will be even bigger and your board is released.


    The fantastic riding range of the new BANDIT means that you’ll enjoy every session, no matter the wind variations
    The kite is an extension of your body that performs in harmony with you; this unique connection means that as soon as you’ve thought about the turn, the kite is already making it with a perfect feeling and control.
    This year the BANDIT delivers extraordinary manoeuvrability and reactivity, it’s like driving an “F-ONE car” instead of a bus.
    Power delivery is smooth and consistent regardless of the conditions offering you maximum comfort.
    The perfect fusion of all our knowledge, the latest materials and technology means you can enjoy a kite that excels in all disciplines and makes every session one to remember.