Many of you ask us this question.
Here is a list of a few places you can chase the wind with their pros and cons.
You can scroll over or click each of the Wind apps titles here to find direct links to the site, set to Perth.


Seabreeze is probably the most commonly used application in Australia for the wind forecast and for the live reports. 

It might not be the sexiest website but it's very efficient. Available in 2 versions, for kitesurfers and for surfers. 

The main benefit is that once you have selected the area, in our case PERTH METRO, in one glimpse you have all the info you need.
Forecast on the top of the page and all the live reports from all the weather stations up and down the coast, from Mandurah to Swanbourne.
This is amazing for those of us kiting in the city, as generally what happens at Garden Island and Safety Bay over the summer sea breeze season will happen in Melville in about an hour so looking down the coast will act as a crystal ball! You'll know when the wind is coming and be able to get to the beach 😎


Willy Weather is awesome for its ease of use. You can download the app or just open it in your browser (Hey google, open Willy weather Applecross)

Willy Weather has a great real time wind widget that shows you at a glance the direction and strength, it updates around every 15mins.

Compared to Seabreeze, the only thing is that it's not easy to see quickly is the live report up and down the coast to see that wind moving in over summer.

What's great to know is that the live feed for Applecross comes from the weather station out in the middle of the Swan River, on the boating channel marker, so it's right on the spot!


Windguru is one for the more advanced wind junkie.

With lots of detail and even the ability to upgrade to the PRO version for those that need even more information to fill their wind junkie hearts.
Not for the weak there is a lot of information here and beginners are likely to find this BEAST a bit overwhelming.


Windfinder is quite a nice site with links to the forecast / live report / historical stats & webcams all in the main tab.

The nice thing about this site is that is allows you to swap from weather station to weather station via the "Locations" tab and to set your favorites.


WINDY is the super model of wind apps Stunning, you could watch this app all day long!

Lots of easily accessed information here and also the ability to update to "premium" where you can receive access to forecast updates and unlimited favorites and alerts.