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Smook & Smooshypoo Empire PTY LTD
Trading as
SoulKite Kitesurf & SUP , Perth
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 - E-mail: info@soulkiteaustralia.com

All kiteboarding lessons and equipment is owned and provided by Sook & Smooshypoo Empire PTY LTD Trading as SoulKite Kitesurf , Wingfoiling & SUP , Perth. All students are to be fully aware that all kiteboarding lessons are weather dependent. The decision to cancel a lesson due to safety or extreme weather concerns rests solely with the instructor. In the event of SoulKite cancelling the lesson an alternative lesson will be rescheduled at no cost to the student.


Full payment must be received before the commencement of each lesson. Should payment not be received, SoulKite reserves the right to treat the bookings as cancelled.

All Lessons/hires to be completed during our season (October 15th - May 31st): Please see our opening hours . If not completed, please contact us for an extension to the following season. One year expiry. We cannot do refunds on uncompleted lessons/hires.
Unused, Lessons and Hire are however transferable.


Customers are to notify SoulKite via Text or email greater than 5 days prior to their lesson if they wish to cancel or rebook their lesson without incurring a cancellation fee.

Within 48 hrs of the lesson date and including No shows and Late arrivals: Participants forfeit their lesson and are not entitled to a refund.

In the event of a lesson being cancelled by SoulKite Australia the customer may rebook at a later date or have their lesson extended for a year from the booking date (refunds are not possible). In the event of a course being abandoned you will be offered an alternative activity or the remaining time on a future course.


In the event of a booked course being missed the voucher or payment for that course becomes null or void. No refunds or cancellation procedures may apply.


 All Lessons & Hire vouchers to be completed during the season the lesson or hire was purchased in (October 15th - December31st , January 1st- March 31st.) of the year the lesson / hire was purchased : If not completed during the current season , please contact us for an extension before the end of the season of purchase , to the following season. Strictly one-year expiry from the extension date.

Extensions will be granted on a case by case basis and cannot be guaranteed.


You must be an experienced kite surfer and know how to carry out a self-rescue and can ride upwind. Please note we only have a certain amount of equipment for hire and if you are not at an independent level and cannot be left alone you will forfeit your hire as we could have hired out our limited equipment to someone else. The hirer is responsible for returning the equipment back to the beach on time. In the event that the equipment is returned late an extra charge will be incurred. If you are late for your booked equipment hire we cannot extend your time so please ensure you are on time.