Stand up paddling is not only a great fitness sport but also a fullfilling experience for those who want to get out there, enjoy the water and escape from a hectic lifestyle.

What is stand up paddling boarding ?
Stand up paddling or stand up paddle boarding consists in riding up on your feet a big board and propelling yourself with a long one-sided paddle. The sport is originated in Hawaii but spread fast all over the world making it one of the fastest growing watersport. Ultimately, you may want to go cruising, racing or surfing on a SUP board but also  practising fitness, yoga or meditation in nature's beautiful waters. And without even thinking about it you are gently training – strengthening your core, improving your balance, toning muscles, fat-burning and enjoying life more than ever ! Learn more about the sport, its origin and disciplines in our blog. {lien blog}.

Who can go stand up paddling ?
Everyone who can swim can ride  SUP board! The sport being gentle with the body but good fitness, it is equally accessible to men and women, the old and young. Some may find the balance a little tricky at first but the challenge is easily overcome. Paddling with the right technique will ensure you have no unnecessary arm or back pain but only good core training. Be sure to be shown the paddling technique!

Where and when to stand up paddle ?
Perth Swan River is an amazing location to start and practice stand up paddling regularly. Our spot in Point Walter Reserve offers great sightseeing along Blackwall Reach or the preserved foreshore, together with easy and safe flat and shallow waters. Clear and none windy summer mornings are perfect but courageous riders may venture in the colder days.
Also our amazing location in the Shoalwater Marine Park giving us access to Penguin Island and Seal Island the abundance of natuarl beauty and wildlife in the is area so close to the CBD is amazing with high possibility of meeting the local Dolphins and Seals , the sunsets in this area are beyond worldclass and during Autumm and Spring during the low wind season we can organize sunset and sunrise group booking and tours.

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