Kitesurfing lessons The Pond , Safety Bay & Penguin Island , Shoalwater. Rockingham

Rockingham , Safety Bay & Shoalwater Kitesurfing Lessons
  • We now have permission to operate Kitesurfing lessons in Shoalwater Marine park .

    This areas including  * The Pond in Safety Bay & the beginner area on the sandbar west of The Pond
                                            * Penguin Island in Shoalwater

    Kite Surfing lessons in Safety Bay and Shoalwater Rockingham.

    These are the cream of Kitesurfing locations on the coast in Rockingham and offer some of the best locations for Beginner , Intermediate and Advanced Kitesurfing lessons available on the coast in the Perth region.

    All of our current packages , which you can see here Kitesurfing Lessons Perth  are available for this area and the locations can be discussed and suited to the lesson on a case by case basis , we will tailor the complete experience to you , providing all the gear you need and also providing BB talking 2 way communications between the instructor and client where beneficial to the lesson being taught at no extra cost .
    Details of each of the lesson plans can be viewed from the the products page for Kitesurfing lessons