If you have a bit of time and want to kitesurf in a different spot every day, Western Australia is the place to be. Here are the kite spots to go to.

Flat water, small waves, big waves. You can find absolutely everything you want in less than 2000Km of coastline. Perfect for a road trip up and down this beautiful Australian coast.

This is only a short list of the spots where you can kite in Western Australia. You can almost kite on any beach but be sure not to kite alone and that you confident enough to do a self rescue and come back to shore. 

Kitesurfing spots located up North Perth

Exmouth (13h from Perth) 

From May until October, head North of Western Australia, 1600km from Perth. Sandy bay and Graveyards beach are the 2 main spots, north of Exmouth; Sandy bay is the perfect free ride/freestyle spot, with turquoise water and white sand beach. For advanced wave riders, head to the reef and get some perfect wave. No wind! go for some snorkelling or discover the Australian bush and the wildlife.

Shark Bay - 9H from Perth  

Shark bay is the perfect destination after the peak season in Perth; Heaps of small lagoon, butter flat, and wind super consistent. A lot of chance to be alone in the water. Once your session is done, head to the cliff south of Dehnam, where you can see small reef sharks. Be careful of the stone fish! No wind, go for a fishing trip, go snorkelling, or just relax at monkey Mia with the dolphins, Emus and other Kangaroos.

Geraldton - 4H30 from Perth

Coronation beach: Located North of Geraldton, Coronation Beach, is one of the windiest place in the world. During summer, be prepare to set up your smallest kite. The beach is ideal for free ride/freestyle, with good flat water, then head to the reef to get some descent waves. A good wave spot in the city, close to the light house

Jurien Bay / Cervantes - 2H30 from Perth

Great free ride spot, with a nice island in front of the spot; After the session, head to the pub (the only one of the village) to get a nice meal and discuss with the fisherman. Time seems to stop there! 

Lancelin - 2H from Perth

Lancelin is a small crayfish village, 2hours drive from Perth CBD, with awesome condition for flat water and wave. The swell can be massive, and that the reason The Ocean classic (windsurfing contest) takes place here every year. There are 2 options : One spot with flat water close to the beach (for intermediate/advanced riders) or if you ride a little bit further, there are some waves that break on the reef. You can park on the beach if you have a 4 Wheel Drive. No wind, get a sand board and go ride the massive dunes, 5minutes drive from the beach. 

Scarborough - 15min from Perth

Nice waves 1-2 meters for intermediate/advanced riders. Some downwinds are also organised in this area starting from this parking.

Kitesurfing spots located down South Perth

Watch the video of a nice Kitesurfing trip from Perth to Augusta.

Applecross - 15min from Perth

Flat water for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. The spot is located on the Swan River with no sharks but dolphins ! This spot is windy every afternoon with the seabreeze blowing side or side-on shore. Perfect spot after work. There are a lot of beginners and schools because it's the safest spot around Perth. Soulkite gives kitesurfing lessons every afternoon (from 2pm to 7pm) and hires kitesurfing equipment.

 Point Walter - 20min from Perth

Flat water for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. The spot is located on the Swan River with no sharks but dolphins !! This spot is really amazing with easterly wind early in the morning. Perfect spot for early birds. Sometimes, you will get the chance to meet some kitesurfing world champions at 6am on the spot.

Woodman Point - 30min from Perth 

There are 3 places. Don't go to the beach N°1 with all the schools because of the on-shore wind. Beach N°2 is a choppy spot. The third beach is with flat water for advanced riders. The water has an amazing blue colour. Welcome to the lagoon.  

Safety Bay - 45min from Perth

Flat water in a pond without sharks. This spot is for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. You may see some small rays and some dolphins. The seabreeze is very constant, 25 knots between 4pm and 6pm pretty much every day. The best is to come at 10am before the seabreeze picks up and catch some blue crabs in the pond. Then you can enjoy the free barbecue close to the spot before riding.

 Margaret river - 3H00 from Perth

Huge waves for only advanced riders (intermediate : don't go !). Entering the water is risky but it's worth taking the risk for those who love huge waves sometimes over 4 meters high.

Augusta - 3H20 from Perth

There are 2 spots for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. One is in the lagoon with flat and shallow water. We highly recommend to reach the sand bar in the middle to start in safe conditions. The wind is sometimes gusty in the lagoon but the water is perfectly flat and there is no shark. You may see some dolphins. The second one is outside the lagoon with small waves less than 1 meter high. The wind is not gusty sometimes slightly stronger than inside the lagoon.

Albany - 4H30 from Perth

Flat water for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders.



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