Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is an amazing adventure sport with a lot to offer, whether you are going for excitement and challenge or fulfilling sensations.

What is kitesurfing ?
Kitesurfing consists in using a big steerable kite to glide, jump, and perform tricks over the water with a board, either similar to a wakeboard or a small surf board. Since its invention in the 1970-1980s in France and Hawaii, kitesurfing has developed massively and into several disciplines including old school free-ride, big air, new school freestyle or wave surfing. Whatever style your are into, it is a lot of fun! Learn more about the sport, its origin and disciplines here.

Who can kitesurf ?
You may be thinking that kitesurfing takes a lot of strength and muscles. Thankfully, that is not true! The power of the wind is directed straight to the kiteboarder's harness - taking off the load from his/her arms and allowing the kiteboarder to simply leverage against the kite with his/her body. There is no need to hang onto the bar in order to ride as in wake-boarding. Also there is no heavy sail and board lifting as in windsurfing. The sport not being strength-based, it is equally accessible to men and women, the old and young. Though a fair level of fitness helps and the ability to swim is required, there is not much more you need to give kitesurfing a go!

Where and when to kitesurf ?
Perth is a great place to get started with our steady summer seabreeze and the flat waters on the Swan River that will make the challenge easier. For independent to more advanced riders, Western Australia offers terrific conditions and beautiful surf or flat water locations. Worldclass kitesurfing spots are located all along the coast from Perth to Exmouth to the north and down to Albany, Augusta and Esperance to the south. Expect the wind season to start as early as September up north in Exmouth and gradully making its way down south to Perth in mid-October/November. The wind season will usually last until end of April. Then winter brings some punctual cold fronts and strong winds to the city which are not advisable for beginner kitesurfers but can be a blast for advanced and adventuruous ones. Discover Western Australia best kitesurfing spots here!

Let's kite-up your life ! 

SoulKite is a kitesurfing school and shop based in Melville between Central Perth and Fremantle. We give lessons to beginner or advanced students, rent kitesurfing equipment, sell and repair gear. Our school is operated from a van servicing our two spots in Applecross and Bicton - look for the green van over there! You are welcome to our offices and pro-shop in Melville where you can find all equipment and advice you need - just kindly make an appointment beforehand. 

Our friendly team will guide you through it and get you on the board. Learning to kitesurf can be a challenge but is accessible to all.
Accessible to all - Anyone who is fairly fit and knows how to swim can take kitesurfing lessons. There is no need to be higly sporty! Kids above 35kg are welcome too.
Lesson range - Choose private or semi-private courses, by the hour or 5-hour special package.
Locations - Depending on the wind conditions, we teach in Applecross (Melville beach road) or at Point Walter Reserve (Honor avenue, Bicton).

Rent kitesurfing equipment
You want some time on the water, are an independent kitesurfer but do not have your gear ? Willing to give F-one gear a try ? Or simply miss the right kite size for today's session?
Our gear - We offer F-One Bandit kites for rent, the best one quiver kite on the market. Learn more about our equipment here. {lien vers le blog sur le matériel de l'année - à écrire}
Requirement - You have to be an independent rider, able to ride upwind. Demonstrate your level to our team or show your IKO card.
Locations - Pick up at our offices in Melville or on the spots (Melville beach road in Applecross or Point Walter Reserve, Honor avenue in Bicton depending on the wind direction)

Buy kitesurfing equipment
You are hooked up to kiteboarding and want to get your own gear - look no further than F-One kites.
Our gear - We offer F-ONE BANDIT kites, the best one quiver kite on the market, whether you want to ride waves, boost high or go freestyle. No matter what your level or style, the BANDIT is the kite that delivers power, incredible control and awesome handling experience. Learn more about our equipment here. {lien vers le blog sur le matériel de l'année - à écrire}
Along with kites, we offer the full equipment range from F-ONE, MANERA, MYSTIC and XENON: boards, twintips or directional, harnesses, wetsuits, impact vests, helmets, pumps, boardbags, and all accessories.
Locations - Online or at our pro-shop in Melville (on appointment only)

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