Are you seeking an exhilarating water sport experience amidst the beautiful waters of Perth?
Look no further than SoulKite, the premier school for kitesurfing and wingfoiling lessons in Perth, Western Australia.
At SoulKite, we offer top-notch instruction, ideal locations, and a commitment to providing an unforgettable adventure on the water.

Discover the Best Locations in Perth for Your Adventure

SoulKite takes pride in its prime locations across Perth, ensuring an unparalleled experience for water sports enthusiasts. Our spots are carefully selected for their flat, shallow waters—perfect for beginners and advanced riders alike. From October to May, these locations offer consistent winds, creating ideal conditions for kitesurfing and wingfoiling lessons.


Expert Instruction Tailored to Your Skill Level

Whether you're a novice seeking your first ride or an experienced rider aiming to advance your skills, SoulKite's professional instructors, certified by Kiteboarding Australia and IKO, are here to guide you. Our kitesurfing lessons in Perth cater to all levels—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—offering personalized instruction to help you progress at your own pace.
With over 15 years of experience and 1000's of lessons taught you're in safe hands.

Comprehensive Lessons for Every Adventurer

SoulKite provides comprehensive lessons covering kitesurfing and the thrilling new sport of wingfoiling. Our kitesurfing lessons focus on safety, kite control, board riding, and advanced techniques. For those intrigued by the emerging trend of wingfoiling, our "learn to wingfoil" sessions are designed to introduce you to this exhilarating sport, combining elements of kiteboarding and surfing.

Join the Exclusive SoulKite KITECLUB

Become part of the SoulKite community by joining our exclusive KITECLUB. Accessible through our KITECLUB Facebook and Whatsapp groups, the KITECLUB keeps you connected with fellow enthusiasts, offers updates on wind conditions, and fosters a supportive environment for sharing experiences and tips. Additionally, our online tutorials provide valuable resources and guidance to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Why Choose SoulKite?

  • Premier kitesurfing school in Perth
  • Professional instructors certified by Kiteboarding Australia and IKO
  • Tailored lessons for all skill levels
  • Ideal locations with flat, shallow waters
  • Comprehensive lessons in kitesurfing and wingfoiling
  • KITECLUB membership for community support and updates
  • Access to online tutorials for continuous learning and improvement


At SoulKite, we're passionate about sharing the thrill of kitesurfing and wingfoiling with adventurers of all levels. Our commitment to providing top-quality instruction, ideal locations, and a supportive community sets us apart as the go-to destination for those seeking the ultimate water sport experience in Perth. Join us at SoulKite, where adventure meets expertise!

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Let's Kite up your LIFE!

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After your le
ssons you will be ready to start exploring, here is our guide to some of the best Kitesurfing and Wingfoiling spots in the country.

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