WINGFOIL : 1 HOUR HIRE at our Applecross location.

  • Available from October till April depending on availability of equipment around lessons , please contact us to confirm!

    New Sport New Sensations, Come and discover the Wing Foil in Perth!!!  

    What is WingFoil?  

    The WingFoil, or Wing Surf,   is a small wing that pulls you on a board, that will give you unique, accessible and fun sensations! 

    Wing riding   is very playful, gives you a feeling of total freedom , like flying on the magic carpet! 

    How to practice WingFoil? You can practice anywhere, with family, friends or alone! The initiation takes place first on the beach, then on a paddleboard, to finish on a foil board.  

    You will learn how to handle the wing. Then, you discover the wing with a stand up paddle board for your first ride…or directly with the wing if you are already experienced in foil support.